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The Lost Notebook catalyzes change by providing creative small businesses, organizations, and communities with bespoke strategy, research, and planning so that they can more effectively realize their visions and affect transformation.

My work is guided by
these principles:

Create bespoke actionable strategies, tailored to each client’s needs, capacities, and aspirations.

Conduct rigorous quantitative and qualitative research relevant to the issues at hand.

Develop useful, productive, and mutually beneficial relationships with clients and their stakeholders.

Build understanding, trust, and attachment across stakeholder groups.

Think and work hyper-locally while learning and sharing globally.

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small and mid-sized organizations involved in the visual, plastic, literary, and performing arts


municipal leaders, urban planners,
and design firms


entrepreneurial companies,
solution-oriented collaboratives,
and individual artists


commercial and mixed-use property owners, managers, and designers

Whether they express their creativity in the arts, sciences, engineering, socially-driven entrepreneurship or elsewhere, small businesses and cultural organizations are transformational drivers in our communities with the potential to lead us towards more sustainable, just, equitable, and enjoyable futures.

Creative communities come in many sizes from towns of 100 to cities of more than 1 million. They celebrate their diversity. They invest in STEAM education, cultural activities, and local businesses. They collaborate across sectors to develop solutions to social, economic, and environmental challenges. And, they understand how important equity is to ensuring every member of the community thrives.

In order to effectively realize their visions, creative small businesses, cultural organizations, and communities must be clear about their aspirations, intentions, and the steps and resources necessary to achieve them. They must also be ready to transform, which requires creative strategies, applicable research, and the confidence to make the desired changes.

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thinking spaces

I like to use these spaces to collect and share ideas about contemporary aesthetics, the built environment, sustainability, organizational management, and sometimes just the general human predicament that is life. Because they are living archives of my avenues of research and thinking-process, they can sometimes be raw, exploratory, or meandering.

I hope you will find some inspiration in them, and
that you will connect and share your ideas and experiences with me as well.



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Navigating change of any kind can be fraught with difficulties, from knowing which strategies to invest your time and resources in to engaging key stakeholders so that the change you are trying to make has the best chances of success. I like to think of Lost Notebook as a little bit of added support, knowledge, and expertise that helps connect creative ideas to practical action so that transformational change can happen.

Because each creative organization, business, or community has its own particular culture, its own history and way of doing things, and its own landscape of opportunities, I prefer to tailor my services to each client’s unique circumstances, goals, and challenges. Please email me and let me know a bit about your transformational challenge and goals.

I look forward to working with you.

Morgan von Prelle Pecelli