what I bring

I employ a range of research practices including interviews, focus groups, surveys, mapping, network analysis, data analysis, archival review, participation, and fieldwork. I also understand that it is our day-to-day behaviors, practices, and tools that determine our capacity to realize our goals and vision.

I think across disciplines and specializations to discover, juxtapose, and repurpose ideas and develop alternative solutions to challenges. I also employ a range of artistic research practices in order to explore and understand particular places, how people interact with those places, and why we become emotionally attached to them.

Whatever the project, I take into consideration economic, social, governance, technological, and environmental drivers that may impact the client’s efforts. My goal is to help clients positively impact their communities and build their adaptive capacity in order to meet changing opportunities and threats for years to come.

I know how tight budgets are and how important it is that every dollar be spent efficiently and effectively. I also try to limit my impact on staff and stakeholders’ calendars because I know that their time is always stretched thin.